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1. Flat Panel Display Design Solution by Jedat with MSIM-LCD

  • MSIM-LCD seamlessly integrated in Jedat's Flat Panel Display Design & Verification Flow.
  • Support OTFT, IGZO, LTPS & a-Si TFT and OLED for simulation and model extraction.

2. TFT Model Extraction Solutions

  • Extract new model from raw data / refine existed model by add-on measures.
  • Support Vth degradation, self-heating, LC model and Tr output.

3. OTFT Model Extraction Solutions

  • Extract both generic models and custom models.
  • Support temperature-dependent mobility & parasitic resistance models, and self-heating effects..

4. OLED Model Extraction Solutions

  • Provide both OLED model extraction and simulation for design optimization.
  • Support J-V and luminance efficiency model extraction.

5. IGZO Model Extraction Solutions

  • Input both process data (W, L, & temperature) and measured data (I-V & C-V).
  • Support custom model extraction, and model installation in MSIM simulator.

6. Accurate TFT Leakage Current Model Required for Flicker Effect Analysis

7. Liquid Crystal Optical Co-Simulation Solutions by MSIM-LCD

8. Model Extraction Success Stories & Application Notes

     (1) TFT Model Extraction Success Story
     (2) TFT Model Refining for Leakage Currents Success Story
     (3) TFT Model Extraction for Very High Accuracy Success Story
     (4) OLED Model Development & Extraction Success Story
     (5) CV Model Extraction Application Note
     (6) IGZO Model Extraction Application Note

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